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The procedure with the use of laughing gas lets anyone fight off the fear.

As one of just a handful of clinics, we have successfully used nitrous oxide, popularly known as the laughing gas. This gas has been known and used in dentistry and medicine for years.

The procedure consists in administering a mixture of nitrous oxide and pure oxygen to the patient. The mixture of gases is inhaled through a nasal mask. After a moment, the patient feels relaxed, calm and stops feeling pain. The patient enters a semi-sleep mode, but at the same time fully cooperates with the dentist. No reaction to the gas is observed in around 4% of patients. After just a few minutes from stopping the administering of gas, its effects cease entirely.

Always consider treatment with the use of laughing gas, if:

  • You or your child are afraid of dental procedures
  • You are afraid of anaesthetic injection
  • You have strong gag reflex and teeth impression or RCG image cannot be made,
  • Any medical procedure or tooth extraction is a difficult experience for you

Before the procedure, remember:

  • Not to eat at least 3 hours before the procedure
  • Not to dress in tight and stiffing clothes

Children must come for the visit with an adult


You are welcome to visit and our dental facilities, to obtain more information.

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