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In our clinics, we provide you with the safest available implanting system. This is a state-of-the-art programme for computer-assisted planning of treatment, which allows for reconstructing a single tooth or several teeth lost, or even all teeth. It lets you avoid the pain accompanying traditional treatment. Moreover, this method allows for “testing” of each treatment element, before the actual procedure. The programme utilises tomography analysis for preparing a three-dimensional, electronic and customised model of jaws of the particular patient. Only on this model, the doctor performs “preliminary” procedure and prepares its subsequent stages, in order to proceed to the actual procedure.


  • The treatment reduces the risk of failure,
  • Implants are implanted exactly where needed,
  • After the treatment, there is no swelling and the patient does not feel pain,
  • Fewer visits to the dentist – less money spent,
  • Fast effect.

An implant is an element replacing or substituting the root of patient’s own tooth. The implant makes possible constructing permanent denture – a dental crown or a bridge. Forget about troublesome and uncomfortable removable dentures – so-called “false teeth”. Implants make possible full reconstruction of dentition, when the patient has no single tooth of his own left.

An implant is durable and well-tolerated by human body, thanks to the material it has been made of – titanium. As a result of that, the patient obtains life-time foundation for all dentures – implants are his “second tooth roots”.

Before the actual medical procedure, our specialist will carry out an interview with you, during which:

  • In-depth implanting interview will be carried out,
  • Necessary pre-procedure examinations will be prescribed,
  • The method of treatment will be selected,
  • The patient will obtain information about the costs of treatment and the guarantee,

Next visit or medical procedure will be scheduled.

The success of this medical procedure requires keeping to the following recommendations:

  • For 14 days after the procedure, flush your mouth with isotonic salt solution after every meal, in order to keep the implant area clean.
  • Eating of liquid or semi-liquid meals is recommended.
  • DO not use dentures for 12-14 days after the implanting.
  • Do not be bothered by bluish bruises on your face – this is a very frequent symptom that does not require treatment.

Our dental facilities use the following implants for our dental procedures:

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