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Our littlest patients receive special care and attention in our clinics. This is why treatment is carried out whilst taking into account the stage of growth of teeth of a given child. It is extremely important to schedule a visit with us as soon as possible. The treatment started at the appropriate time makes the child used to the dentist, prevents the occurrence of dental abnormalities (malocclusion) and missing teeth, thus letting you avoid complicated and costly treatment at a later stage.

As part of pedodontic treatment, we deal with:

  • Teething and related disorders
  • Treatment of milk (primary) teeth
  • Treatment of young permanent teeth
  • Treatment of malocclusion – orthodontics
  • Prevention of tooth decay (caries) and oral mucous membrane diseases

In our clinics, children:

  • Are the most important patients
  • Have their special place, where they can play whilst waiting for the visit
  • the first visit standards are followed
  • After the visit, they receive a prize, diplomas or other gift
  • In order to reduce stress and pain, we use anaesthetics, we administer anaesthetic gel, the procedure with the use of laughing gas,
  • Little patients with disabilities can benefit from treatment in general anaesthesia
  • Can visit the speech therapist
  • With their parents, they can visit the psychologist
  • Can attend a prevention course
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