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In MOTO-MED clinics, we provide fluoridation treatment, which consists in applying fluoride gels and varnishes, or special foam onto teeth. It is good to perform the treatment on primary teeth and then repeat it regularly, when the permanent teeth grow out. This is a very effective method of preventing tooth decay. Fluoride is embedded in tooth enamel, reinforcing it and making it more resistant to acids present in the tartar. Moreover, it remineralizes minor damage to tooth enamel.

One of the types of fluoridation is varnishing. The procedure consists in applying to the teeth a special substance containing fluoride in concentration appropriate for a given child. Prior to the application, teeth must be well-cleaned. Provided the child cooperates with the dentist, the procedure takes just a few minutes.

Important after the procedure.
After the procedure, the little patient should not drink or eat for at least one hour. Varnishing is repeated every 3-6 months, depending on the substance used.

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