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Psychology studies show that the health of oral cavity and the beauty of teeth are very important for self-esteem and strengthen confidence. The colour and the whiteness of teeth are a good indicator of personal health; therefore, it is important to maintain the image of fullness of life and youth. Whiter teeth improve moods: we smile more often, we become more self-assured. Perfect smile has become the social indicator of good moods and personal and professional success. More and more patients look for an effective and safer way to improve the quality of their smile, therefore, teeth whitening has become an integral part of dental procedures.

Contraindications for whitening:

  • Tooth oversensitivity,
  • Significant loss of tooth enamel,
  • Extensive tooth fillings,
  • Tooth fillings made of amalgamate,
  • Allergy to peroxides, allergic reaction to chemicals or excipients,
  • Pregnancy or breast-feeding.

For teeth whitening in the dentist’s cabinet, Hydrogen peroxide – urea – is used at the concentration of approx. 35%. In order to accelerate the oxidizing process, halogen lamp Beyond is used as the source of light.

Teeth whitening stages:

  • Schedule on the phone a free of charge preliminary visit.
  • During the visit, the doctor with examine your oral cavity and inform you of any necessary treatments preceding the whitening procedure, as well as the details of the whitening procedure itself.
  • If necessary for you, the dentist will remove tartar and will carry out professional cleaning of your teeth.
  • The whitening process takes around one hour and includes triple (each lasting 15 minutes) application of special gel onto teeth and curing it using the Beyond lamp.
  • As soon as you leave the dentist’s room, you will be able to smile wide! The whitening effect is immediate and we guarantee its effectiveness. The whitening scale depends on individual physiological factors.
  • After the whitening procedure, temporary oversensitivity might occur, passing after around 12 hours. You should refrain from smoking cigarettes, drinking tea and coffee, red wine, Coca-Cola and other coloured drinks.
  • Fillings in teeth cannot be whitened, so the fillings in visible places need to be replaced with new whiter ones.
  • The whitening effect is maintained for several months up to several years, depending on individual physiological considerations, the diet and the oral hygiene.

More information about Beyond teeth whitening system is available at, and in our medical facilities.

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