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Unfortunately, in the event of odontitis, the entire root canal needs to be treated. The affected dental pulp needs to be removed and filling needs to be placed in a narrow, and in some cases crooked, canal. This is extremely precision work, requiring accuracy, attention, focus and experience. This is why in our medical facilities for canal treatment we use dental microscopes.  They make possible high precision of operation through multiplying the vision field.

We carry out the following endodontic procedures:

  • Root canal treatment,
  • Treatment of complicated canals (thin, split, bent, overgrown canals)
  • Detecting extra canals
  • Repeated treatment of canals of incorrectly treated teeth
  • Removal of dental tools broken and left inside the root canal
  • Removal of cement from the root canal
  • Removal of old or broken crown-root inserts from root canals
  • Treatment of root perforation and resorption
  • Non-surgical treatment of near-apex changes
  • Treatment though prosthodontic crowns

Precise measurement of root canal length

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