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In order to guarantee the highest quality treatment, endodontists in MOTO-MED in their daily work utilise the following dental microscopes:

  • Carl Zeiss Opmi pico Microscope, Inside Xenon – Zeiss Microscope, Opto Electronicasia Microscope

These devices have been designed and constructed by world’s leading specialists in professional optics, for use in outpatient clinics and in operation theatres. The medical procedure is carried out in the magnification an light appropriate for the dentist’s work. This provides precision that cannot be obtained using any other method. These tools are particularly useful in case of treatment of complicated cases, in secondary endodontic treatment, in dental microsurgery and in salvaging teeth that otherwise would have to be extracted.

The light available in microscopes is yellow, which prevents premature curing of the filling material, thus enabling careful and proper reconstruction of the tooth’s shape. The culmination of the treatment is permanent and tight-proof filling of root canals in three dimensions, using well-proven guttaflow systems.

The treatment schedule is set together with the patient and includes clearly defined amounts. This guarantees that none of our patients will be surprised with the price of the medical procedure. For extra convenience to our Patients, we make possible paying for services on credit.

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